My last words.

Just recently, Justin Bieber has released a hit song called lonely. Every word he sang, it gave me cold chills down my spine & I can feel his struggles of living in a lonely world that nobody gives a f*** shit despite having all the money & fame.

Selfish you say? Please, it’s not very nice to say so. Try walking in someone else’s shoes. Try having those voices in your head that you can’t control. Try having those sleepless nights and lose of sudden interest & appetite. That’s probably why it’s so hard for so many of “us” to convey the message & it’s so tiring to probably explained to someone who doesn’t understand the small evil voices that is running through the minds & thoughts of a person who’s struggling with mental health. It’s uncontrollable, unbearable & unexplainable. That stigma. How can you even talk about it without being judged?

Get help you say? Go see a doctor you say? Don’t bother wasting your time. Yes, probably you feel better after speaking to your psychiatrist spending like 300-400rm for a professional session for an hour and they give you some anti depressant shit to make you feel good for a little while. Might work for some. Others might be immune to it.

I’ve read the news a week ago. 1 person dies of suicide every 40s around the globe. Amazing isn’t? Yet so many people, still have this stigma and arrogance to judge others first before walking in their shoes. Please understand, we might have a family member, a sibling, a friend, a colleague, a neighbour whose struggling with mental health. Suffering from Mental health doesn’t mean we are crazy, dressed up shabbily or walk around yelling in public. We are just normal human like you & me living in world so vast with options, heartaches, sadness, learning curves, disappointment and on top of all, fear. Good bye :’)

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