I’m here to attend a meeting with Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Selangor and have been kicked out due to my dress being knee length. I’m even using long sleeved sweater and not showing my body shape. I’ve used this dress many times for school meetings, MOE meetings, PPD meetings and more… I just can’t believe this.

This is the most screwed up body policing I’ve experienced. I’ve been asked to drape myself in disgusting long skirts if I wish to enter, given dirty looks and treated like shit. And mind you my work is in support of JPN and PPD. I work damn hard everyday collectively and respectfully with all stakeholders to further our education landscape and what they give a damn about is my damn knees. I don’t deserve anything less than basic respect for my mind and my choice of attire. Disgusting religious bigots.
The audacity!!!!! Malaysia, you still disappoint me everyday!!!! Angry & frustrated.
Photos are what I initially wore when they stopped me.

Let’s hope this is the work of those little Napoleons n not the rulings of Malaysia Baru!
Pls viral this until it catches the attn of relevant authorities!


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