It’s natural for guys to feel disgusted if they found out their girlfriend’s/wife’s partner count is higher than expected, even if they’re hopeless beta males. No, they’re not “old-fashioned,” “insecure,” or “jealous.” It’s a highly-reasonable reaction to be devastated to find out that the woman he has been providing financially and emotionally for actually gave herself to so many men before him. He’d feel cheated and like the sucker at the end of the line who has to take care of her for life when she’s way past her prime, while other men just pumped and dumped her and went on their merry way.

Women these days have the audacity to not only rack up disgusting body counts of 20, 50, even 100, but also make a fuss about their guys feeling “insecure” about their pasts. They’re really champions at gaslighting. They’re the gross ones yet they make it sound like it’s the guy’s fault for not accepting her wretched sexual history.

“Why can’t guys just forget about my past!?”

Sure, honey, that’s what you would like. But track record is very important for anything, including dating. Why would I buy a car with an illustrious history of breakdowns and costly repairs? Should I just forget about the car’s past, and assume that through the mere passage of time the car has become a new car completely unrelated to its past? That it’s now a highly-reliable roadworthy car? Why wouldn’t I just buy another car with a clean history? Even a brand-new car?

The reason partner count is so important in a woman is that a woman’s MOST VALUABLE asset is her vagina. I know, it’s pathetic, but it’s true. Women really can’t enrich a guy’s life any much more than providing sexual companionship. We know this is true; let’s drop the sugarcoating. Women are intellectually and physically inferior to men on average. There’s NOTHING to be gained for a man to associate himself heavily with a woman, other than intimacy and affection.

What does it say about a woman if she gives her most valuable offering away that easily to so many men?

I can assure women that guys are NOT jealous or insecure about your high partner count. The correct term is disgust. I’m living proof of that: I have a very high count myself, as a guy, and I’m still disgusted by women with a high count. Good thing for me is that I’ll never be caught dead committing to a virgin, let alone the run-on-the-mill Cock Carousel rider.

I think it’s poetic justice that men can always fuck more women but women can’t unfuck the men they’ve fucked, and that at the same time men become more valuable as they age (more resources) while women become less valuable as they age (wrinkles, obesity, emotional baggage).

Keep riding the Cock Carousel, ladies. I’ll keep pumping and dumping you. But you can dream on about commitment. Not only am I personally not going to commit, I’m going to advocate for other men not to commit to you too.

Not every man has the strength to not marry, but as long as the seed of knowledge is planted in his mind, sooner or later it grows into a tree of enlightenment. All I’m doing is just planting that seed. The rest is up to you guys.

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