Hi Admin. Thank you in advance if this post is approved.

Day 22
Today is my last day of war. I been battling my rights for my internship cases. (the company block my phone number and ignore all calls from my university as well as email). What I need is the company to sign my internship reports (for that particular month) and give back my allowance(as I really worked for that particular month and I already have expenses out when working thr).
The reason I need them to sign is I need that report to pass (I don’t know what to say if because of that 4 weeks I am to fail and restart 6 month again).

I don’t understand why bother blocking everyone if that company thinks they are right, they can just reply my uni calls, why bother to hiding from everyone (if they think they are right). I don’t understand how can a person (the boss) with chartered accountant holder and pc holder can have such irresponsible act.
What I want not pity, but a strong mind to fight this battle. But today I know what is fighting a losing battle truly meant.

So I plead to those going to intern, I wish u all the best and good luck. Please avoid xxx & xxx Associates which located in pusat dagangan nzx, petaling jaya. Tell your friend don’t work thr, that company usually offer high salary/allowance, but don’t because of that u risk your time in that company. No one told me the bad thing about this company, since I don’t know (even the permenant worker keep quiet about it – which is understandable since everyone need to eat and survive). But now that I know I pray that no intern should fall in such unjust termination.

I’m not sure this post will get approved anot, but I plead UC willing to approve this post as I don’t want any other intern falls in to the traps of such company. Once again thank you.

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