Note: I was forced to post my friend’s confession upon realizing that how dark the truth was for MMU Melaka Accounting Club’s high-comms of trimester 17/18 and trimester 18/19 (the high-comms), which was never revealed until now to all the parties concerned. Initially, I refuse his request to help him post this confession on UTAR Confessions after he complained that his confession was not uploaded or rejected by MMU Confession admin 3 times.
Until he show me the entire confession to me, only then I realized none of the parties concerned know such dark truth regarding the high-comms. I may be a UTAR student, but upon realizing that how the high-comms were involving in hosting
the 17th-NIVAQ, which involves competing with other campuses such UTAR, I decided to help to spread the truth and hoping this confession shall be the lesson to all high-comms of various clubs and socities of any campuses (FYI, I only know why they can host such event after my friend told me that MMU is always the host of such competiton. Thanks buddy!).

Without further ado, here is the confession below:

Disclaimer: Apologies for my poor, lousy imitation of Ozzy Man Reviews as I am a fan of Ozzy
Man and his funny but honest reviews on many things including aggressive weather, cruise ships and etc. At the same time, I am revealing the dark truth of dodgy high-comms of MMU Melaka Accounting Club in the style of Ozzy Man Reviews. So, this confession is never mean to ripoff Ozzy Man Reviews and to make you people understand the truth easily in memorable, funny manner. One more thing, if you refuse to accept this confession as a fact, I am fine with it as most of us may find that truth is always stranger that fiction and even lies. Please note that this truth is meant to be a lesson to all the future high-comms of any clubs and socities of MMU Melaka, not discouraging anyone from joining MMU Melaka Accounting Club.
Enough of disclaimer, let’s get straight to the point.

Confession: Welcome to the “I still can’t-believe-it’s-a thing” world of high-comms of MMU Melaka Accounting Club, specifically high-comms of trimester 17/18 and trimester 18/19.
First of all, we are looking how disastrous could be when failing to hide the fact that their advisor got a threatening poison pen letter. It should not be that difficult to hide such fact even after the 17th NIVAQ, did someone got a moral epiphany and feel bad about hiding it and decide to tell her or it is something else? Nope, it happens to be a d**khead or a group of d**kheads decide to a p***K to write a second but an identical threatening poison pen letter to her, maybe he or she or they are f**king mad that MMU Confession 2.0 [RIP MMU Confession 2.0 :-(] deleted a threatening confession post that calls others to form a group or multiple groups to kill a “pest of accounting/accounting害虫” [the ‘pest”] in order to pass their finals smoothly and decided to write poison pen letter to threaten both the advisor and the “pest of accounting” as if they know that advisor must have tried to help the “pest” by threatening her in the letter. Well, the high-comms decided to be a group bigger of p***ks by not telling her sooner after receiving the first letter! 17th NIVAQ almost falls apart when he or she or they send the second letter to her office and only then she knew the truth before the 17th NIVAQ! Such dodgy act will have the whole club INVESTIGATED! But nah, she decided to see it as a temporary setback. Poor advisor, she got *****d real bad by them, that is hiding the first freaking letter! F**k me.
Next, if you did not receive any notifications as to whether you are accepted or rejected for Special Task Division of 17th NIVAQ until the next semester, it means you are rejected! But wait, you discovered that other divisions of 17th NIVAQ won’t notify you that late. This means that somebody is not doing their job properly at notifying! Previously, somebody complained about the late notification by the Special Task Division of NIVAQ and supposedly to be in sync with other divisions by notifying their candidate’s status sooner. Yeah nah, that never happen until the 18th NIVAQ. Those poor fellows must have realized that the recruitments of high-comms and subs-comms for Special Task Division and perhaps other divisions of NIVAQ and even X-Challenge are never fair and square in the first place! Speaking of never fair and square recruitments, it is common sense to know that the recruitment for high-comms and even sub-comms are always predetermined in the first place! That is they already decide to recruit their cronies while disregarding others that have merits. Unless you have plenty of money to “buy” such positions as it is not-so-well-known that the high-comms of X-Challenge 4.0 received the bribe of RM500 for one or multiple sub-comm positions!! Or is it? Either way, corruption and nepotism/cronyism are equally bad. Ha Ha! Need “connections or friends’ to give you positions they said. Need friends to persuade the high-comms to include you in predetermined list of candidates that are guaranteed sub-comms positions they said. No merits needed they said. Those have no ‘friends or connections’ are never meant to have sub-comms or high-comms positions, unless they have money they said. If they complained and suspect our wrongdoings in the recruitment we have ‘evidences to prove that are not qualified for certain positions’, thanks to the ‘interviews’ they said. Quit! Just walk out. I mean don’t walk out, but quit!
That pretty sums up the ethics, ‘merits’ and ‘competence’ of these high-comms. F**k the members. F**k the advisor.
Yeah nah yeah, I do feel bad for certain high-comms. For instance, I feel bad for high-comms for 22nd Chinese New Year Extravaganza, where the event (22nd Chinese New Year Extravaganza) is not even nominated for MMU Awards of 2019 by STAD for some stupid reasons. Not high-comms of trimester 17/18 and trimester 18/19 of MMU Accounting Club though. Put them to rest. Let them die.

Anyway that is the confession and I wish you all good luck and able to pass your semesters in this rough times.

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