To #UC20468
1.) To prevent scammers from calling u in the future, download TRUECALLER in yr phone. When u type the scammer’s phone number, it will show ‘Scammer 骗子’. Remember those 2 numbers that called u? They are labelled ‘Scammer’ too in the app. Why? Other ppl might have similar encounter as yrs and they updated these info in the app. If u want to avoid telemarketing calls, it works too.

2.) Always remember government agencies, banks, courts, police, LHDN will NEVER EVER call u. No matter how much info they seem to know about u, end the call directly. Don’t waste yr time with them. The only way u will be informed by gov. agencies is by receiving letter with title ‘Urusan Seri Paduka Baginda’. For banks, it’s also by letter. What about emails then? If u do receive emails, it’s a scam too.

3.) If scammer claimed to be yr immediate family member, relative or friend, told u that their phone number have been changed to a new one, coz they lost the old phone and need urgent cash, it’s most probably a scam too. To double confirm, call their old phone number and verify.

*If u read this, pls share to yr family and friends to avoid being scammed. These 3 points above are not 100% scam-proof, the best way is to avoid any unknown phone number.

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