With the worsening pandemic situation, CMCO is further extended to 6 December. While we are struggling with no end in sight in this striving time, we desperately need the help of every kind hearted Samaritans to ensure the survival of our special friends.

Dual Blessing is a nonprofit organization established in 2001 intended to provide support for disabled above 18 years old and former drug addicts. Living the principle of “Instead of giving fish, we teach how to fish”, we are providing various free trainings for the disabled, while also providing support services for the minorities (e.g. transportation, family support, home visit etc.).

Beside that, there are a total of more than 40 disabled, slow learners and workers staying in our hostel. A substantial amount of monthly expenses is the main reason of our financial difficulty. Hence, we are pleading help from the society to support us in over coming this difficult times.

You may contribute in the following manners:

1)一次性捐款 One-time donation
Dual Blessing Bhd(Maybank)
*Please send the bank in slip to for receipt
*汇款后可把单据和个人资料发到 wa.me/60122027115 以让我们发收据给您。

2)请在留言回复 #捐款 或 #DONATION

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