This is a long story letter for you. I really hope you will see this post after I put so many time and efforts with sincerity into it. Do you still remember the date and situation of first time that you met me? I do. Here our real story based on real situations begins. When I went to office to collect my timetable back in days, they gave me a timetable with a name on it. At first, I thought that was a girl name and wish to find her later in class and make friend with her as this is the only name that I know before I go to any class and know anyone. This name looks weird for me as it made me confuse either it was a boy or girl name. But I still decided it was a girl name based on my experience and assumption. When I went to my first class, that is the day that I first time met you. My sight accidentally met with yours and suddenly get attracted by you and hope can see you more. Maybe this called love at first sight. I afraid that it was the last chance that I able to see you as that may be your replacement class only. At that time, I still don’t know you are the one that I was looking for.

Until next different class, I saw you again unexpectedly and found out the name that I keep looking for was yours when tutor ask your name. No wonder I was unable find the girl as I was wrongly assuming the genders. It was a boy name and I quite shock of it. The timetable that officer gave to me was yours. No wonder I saw you in my every class later because I was following your timetable to attend classes. Now, my imaginary female friend became my crush. That’s why sometimes I act weird in front of you as I not yet adjust myself because it too shock for me to realise this. I never thought I will fall in love with this name and this person that I keep looking for. The ordinary name now became a special name for me. I never tell this to anyone including you. I keep it as a secret. Day after day, we knew each other more through fate and suddenly became nearer and closer with time. I end up love you deeper with time. I think that was the first fate incident between us. It also was the starting of our story. From there, I know there was something between us that always keep us connected.

If you think carefully, you will realise that fate always connect us together again and again. There are many incidents of that. It all so drama. But I kind of like it. After some duration of studying, I found out that you may talk to your friends about me. I don’t know what you tell them. Sometimes your friends and you act weird by keep smiling like you all know something secret about me that I don’t know. What things that you all discussed about me? You also look weird by keep looking at me in class. You suddenly saw me and looking shocked when you turned to talk to your friends while walked at stairs during exam period. Your friends whispering to each other said that you suddenly became so quiet because of me behind you. Why you have such reaction? I guess you love me too at that time but not sure of it. Maybe it just a misunderstanding. But I not dare to clarify it by ask you or your friends at that time. You all will think I’m crazy if suddenly ask you all about this. But I really want to know it, but nothing I can do for that, so I can only repress my curiosity until now. You seem like have something that want to tell me when you look at me during that time of exam period at outside classroom. I feel something different through your stare. But, you choose to swallow it. I still wonder it until now. What things that you want to tell me? Here are some parts of our story only, it will be super very long if I put every incident into this. I still have many questions about you that remain unsolved back in days.

I don’t know you still remember those things happened between us or not. I just want to tell you that I still remember everything about you because you are important to me. I have a good memory to remember those important and meaningful things to me no matter how long time ago. Maybe you are too important until stored in my long-term memory instead of short term memory. This cause the memory of you still fresh until now. I just want you to know that it was a happy memory for me because of you in it. This has become part of my life story. I will always cherish it. I never forget you since I met you. Honestly, I am a quite lazy type of person and never thought that I will put so many time and efforts in writing this long story. I will only be motivated to do something that I love to do and interested in it. I think it was due to you and power of love that make me willing to put such effort and time. You will always be my priority. I never feel tired when I wrote this for you. If for other things, I don’t think I will work this far. I don’t want to let pride or fear to be our obstacle again. I don’t want to hide my feeling for you anymore. You should know this. No meaning to hide it from you also. You can take this as my confession to you if you wait for me confess to you before. I really plan confess to you before but no more chance. This is one of the regrets that I wish to resolve it in my life. I made it finally. I felt so relieve like a big stone finally taken from my heart after telling you all this. I cannot stand it to repress my feeling anymore. Never doubt my sincerity and love to you as no one will put such effort to write this long post and wrote so carefully word by word just to fool you or play with your feeling. I am not doing so well and careful like this for my assignments also. Every word here represents my love and sincerity to you no matter you believe it or not.

You seem like to put me into your story by left hints for me to know it. So, I create our real story this time as a return gift for you based on our real situation and my memories. You can take this as your belated birthday gift and keep it if you like it but if you don’t like it, then just ignore this post. If this is not you that I wrote for, ignore this also. You can keep it to see again in your future whenever you feel sad or down, so you will know that there is always got someone that love you and care about you no matter what. At least, you may feel warm for that. I want to wish you on your exact birthday since earlier, but my overthinking and fear block me from doing this. You may think that I never care about you, love you and don’t care about your birthday. No, it is not like that, I do. I always remember your birthday but just not show it, same as my love and care to you because I afraid you not feel just the same way as me. It will be awkward and hurt if I show it, but you not feel the same way that I feel. There were many things that I done for you, but you don’t know it. No matter what, I owe you a birthday wish for this year that I wish to give you a long time ago. Happy belated birthday. I know it was too late to wish you, but it always better than never. Hope you can figure out something through total paragraph number and the situation of this post. You sure will know this was written for you and from who after analysing. Hope you enjoy it. XXX XXX, I Love You too 😊

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